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About us

Thank you very much for visiting our website.

In our Japanese culture, the kimono represents our traditional sensitivity.
Kimono textiles were created using a variety of techniques. These include the art of dying, weaving, embroidery, and gold leaf. People all over the world are attracted to the depth, variety of colors, and beautiful images displayed on the traditional kimono, as well as the feel of the various materials used, such as silk, wool, cotton and hemp.

We have opened this webshop so that we can continue to offer the beauty and sensitivity of the Japanese kimono for your pleasure and enjoyment. Please feel free to step into the beauty of Japan.

Address : 5-5-27 Sunjiyata Higashisumiyoshi-ku, Osaka-shi Osaka, Japan
TEL : International Number -81-6-6706-7722
FAX : International Number -81-6-6706-7774
E-mail Address :
Liscence issued by : Osaka police
Licence Number : 621231902851
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 We can hold your items for 10 days.
Our Real Shop in OKINAWA
Shop Name Pano MAI ( Shop Website )
Address Kei-Emu Build 1F, 17-21 Omoromachi-4chome, Naha city, OKINAWA
Open from AM10:00 to PM6:00 weekdays and Saturday
Close Sunday and National Holiday
Our Real Shop in Osaka
Shop Name Sen kimono ( Shop Website )
Address Senju Build 4F 8-7 Nishi-Tenma 4-Chome, KIta-ku , Osaka
Open from AM11:00 to PM7:00 weekdays and Saturday
Close Sunday and National Holiday
sen kimono
Event / Exhibition 2012
May-Jun Exhibition of Miyako-Jofu
Apr Trial class of making small articles with old cloth
mar Summer's KIMONO SALE
Feb Exhibition of Ryukyu Dyeing and Weaving
Feb Exhibition of Oshima-tsumugi
Jun-Feb Exhibition of Kimono-Accessories
Event / Exhibition 2011
Dec Yuuka Aragaki's Exhibition / Bingata Yuuka
Nov Exhibition of Ryukyu Dyeing and Weaving
Oct-Nov Exhibition of High class Kimonos
Sep Exhibition of Autumn Kimono
Jul Sale of Kimono Accessories
Jul Exhibition of Antique Kimono
Jun Summer's kimono sale
May Exhibition of Yonezawa
Apr Mieko Nakajima's Exhibiiton / Miyako-Jofu
Mar Exhibition of Oshima-Tsumugi and Ryukyu Bingata
Event / Exhibition 2010
Sep Exhibition of Oshina-Tsumugi and Ryukyu-Bingata
Jul Exhibition of Miyako-jofu and Ryukyu-Bingata
May Exhibition of Antique Miyako-jofu
Mar Pano Harmonia
Event / Exhibition 2009
Nov Exhibition of Antique Miyako-Jofu
Aug Exhibition of Antique Miyako-Jofu
Jul Exhibition of Ryukyu-Bingata
Jun Exhibition of Miyako-Jofu
May Exhibition of Antique Miyako-Jofu
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