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informationThank​ you​ for​ visiting​ Shinei.
Our​ company​ will​ be​ closed​ for​ the​ Golden​ Week​ holiday​ from​ May​ 3rd​ to​ 7th​ (JST).
You​ can​ do​ shopping​ from​ our​ website,​ but​ we​ cannot​ ship​ out​ the​ items​ nor​ check​ your​ emails​ during​ this​ period.
We​ will​ resume​ working​ from​ May​ 8th​ (JST).
We​ apologize​ for​ your​ inconvenience​ during​ this​ period.​
Thank​ you​ for​ your​ kindly​ understanding.
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