Our approach to protecting endangered species; ivory etc.
Today, we are very pleased to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to always choose QP Co., Ltd SHINEI among many online stores in the world and shop with us.

Until today, we have been purchasing with the wildlife products in the market legally, and were selling them only limited to the domestic buyers.
However, in response to recent concern about wildlife preservation in the whole world, we QP Co., Ltd. will stop dealing with the products made from ivory, tortoiseshell, whale etc.

Recently, we have had many opportunity to hear the feedback from the world that they always enjoy with Japanese products such as kimono, and Japanese tea ceremony.
We believe our bold decision will contribute to wildlife preservation in some way from now on.
(After October 01, 2019, we will sequentially withdraw these relevant products from our stores.)

We sincerely hope Japanese culture will be passed down to the next generation without devastating populations of wild animals, although we agree with the necessity of protecting our tradition, like it has been done over centuries.
October 2019
QP Co., Ltd. CEO,